Australian Home Loans

Home Loans in Australia

Advisers, lending companies, and astute businesspeople often impart their financial wisdom onto budding homeowners as an attempt to allay misgivings about homeownership. Those who volunteer their home loan knowledge do so diligently, offering statistics to validate their claims. Home loans in Australia, specifically, have been analyzed with a fine-toothed comb, dispelling the burdens that come with owning a home. Here’s a look at some of the best home loans in Australia:

HSBC Discounted Home Value Loan
Appealing to money-conscious borrowers, with the HSBC Discounted Home Value Loan you can borrow up to 90 percent, no doubt serving as a strong incentive for younger buyers to invest. With no upfront or recurring fees, this home loan calculator is second to none:

UBank UHomeLoan
Not requiring a longstanding borrower-lender relationship, the UBank UHomeLoan complements the needs of short-lived borrowers. Consumers can split their loan between fixed and flexible rates, enabling the borrower to capitalize on fluctuations in the market. Included with cost-effective initiatives and budget-friendly interest rates, this home loan in Australia is rich with advantageous qualities.

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Bankwest Complete Fixed Home Loan
First-time home buyers are excellent candidates for this home loan in Australia. Requiring only a 10 percent down payment, borrowers can break into the market with ease. Some key features of this home loan include a partial offset account and 3.88 percent p.a. fixed rate for two years. As a bonus, a Bankwest Mastercard comes included with this package plan.

Newcastle Permanent Discounted Variable Home Loan
Esteemed for its flexible and frugal features, the Newcastle Permanent Discounted Variable Home Loan comes with no upfront or ongoing fees. The 5 percent deposit and free extra payments are the true clinchers. Additional features include a full offset account and low rates.

State Custodians Low Rate Home Loan with Offset
An adequate home loan is only as good as its rates, find it

The State Custodians Low Rate Home Loan with Offset promises low rates, ensuring borrowers a reasonable monthly mortgage fee. Equipped with a 3.64 percent p.a. variable rate, offset account, and free redraws, those looking for a home loan in Australia should look no further.

RACQ Bank Mortgage Saver Special
Money-savvy initiatives are music to every home buyers ears. The RACQ Bank Mortgage Saver Special happily plays that melody with their cost-effective alternatives. Consumers can borrow an astounding 95 percent of the property’s value, making it undoubtedly beneficial to invest.

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